Sri means Lakshmi, the Goddess of all wealths.. Sripuram means the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Good Vastu is the abode of Lakshmi. Lakshmi dwells in Good Vastu homes and showers auspiciousness.
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Vastu Remedies / Items

Peacock feather fan  $ 19.00

 Lord Krishna is shown wearing peacock feather and peacocks surround mother Saraswathi also.  It is auspicious to have peacock feathers and look at them early in the morning, to remove some doshas or malefic planetary effects.


Copper Kalash   $ 29.00

The Kalash is installed on top of constructions as a finial piece according to Vastu principles.

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Vastu Mirror  $ 25.00

 The convex Vastu mirror deflects the negative energy when there are some vastu defects that cannot be rectified easily.  Place is in the direction recommended.

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Manufactured products may not be available in the exact shape or size and do come similar functional capabilities.


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