Sri means Lakshmi, the Goddess of all wealths.. Sripuram means the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Good Vastu is the abode of Lakshmi. Lakshmi dwells in Good Vastu homes and showers auspiciousness.
Healing Retreat


Vastu Healing, Meditation and Wellness Retreat

Vastu Healing, Meditation and Wellness Retreats are carefully designed to help individuals who care to improve themselves for better health, financial success and to discover purpose and meaning to life. The two/three-day retreat starting Friday/Saturday would feature sessions on Yoga, Meditation, Mudras, Mantra Chanting, Vastu and Remedies food and talks on special topics. The retreat will be a very special experience and helps rejuvenate and refresh. Enjoy the retreats as many times as you like.

The Vastu Healing and Meditation center has been built conforming to Vastu Principles with the appropriate angles, doorways and other carefully considered geographic and cosmic energy aspects. The property sits on the west side of the wonderful 2710-acre Mountain Creek Lake, a tributary to the Trinity River. With the Lake on the east side of the property, nature's power, the golden sunrise which is known to bestow health to all living beings is harnessed during the morning Surya Namaskaram (sun salutations). It is a known fact that water waves produce negative ions that enhance our good senses and dispositions, stimulating everything including plant growth; negative ions are known to reduce neurosis and anxiety, heighten appetite and thirst. Negative ions also promote alpha brain waves and increase brain wave amplitude, which translates to a higher awareness level and creates an overall calming effect.

As the Vastu Healing center is built very close to Vastu principles it holds very good energy and anyone visiting it find joy and happiness. Meditations have also proven to be very powerful at the center. Simple ailments heal very quickly and long-term illnesses may take longer to heal. One may come and easily experience the difference in the energy levels.

Find bliss in a weekend relaxation retreat, a weeklong retreat or a 40-day healing session, by staying at the center. Nature's blessings are harnessed and delivered to you through the good Vastu home. Synergy is built into the routine offering healing through Food, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Mudra, Meditation and Yoga. The schedule will also include cooking some dishes for Chakra Cleansing. Above all, Energy Healing may be done to quicken recovery, all of which is non-medical and non-invasive.

Vastu Healing:

What is Vastu healing: Sometimes it is difficult for traditional medicine to diagnose the illness and may fail in different treatments/medicines because every patient lives in a different house with different energies. Vastu changes to living areas can help cure the illness most often.

At the Sripuram Vastu Healing Center you can stay in a good Vastu home for different time slots to see the improvements. When the person gets the confidence, he or she may stay for longer for full recovery or go back and make the Vastu changes to their existing homes with consultation.

Find bliss in a weekend relaxation, a weeklong retreat or a 40-day healing session, by staying in a good Vastu home. Nature's blessings are harnessed and delivered to you through the good Vastu home. Synergy is built into the routine offering healing through food, mantra, Yantra, Tantra, meditation and Yoga during the retreats. Above all, energy healing may be done to quicken recovery, all of which is non-invasive.

Vastu Healing is the Pioneering effort by Lakshmi Choudary, Author and Vastu Consultant. Lakshmi Choudary with the grace of her Guru is able to heal people through Divine Energy. When visiting many homes during Vastu consultations, Lakshmi Choudary felt the need to provide good Vastu places for people to visit for getting relief from their illnesses and problems. Divine blessings and encouragement from clients have prompted her to venture into Vastu Healing, which is deemed to be the very first of its kind in the world. The Karma that individuals bring through their birth (usually translates into ill-health, poverty, and different types of problems.) can be negated through free will and that can be experienced in this lifetime itself through proper Vastu.

What is Vastu?

Vastu the ancient science of Dwelling talks about how the energy in the house can influence our lives whether it is health, wealth, relationships, progeny, power or fame or almost every facet of our life. Vastu is a revealed science and it deals with how one can harness and bring the energy that is out in the nature into one's own home. Vastu is the Origin for the now popularly practiced Feng Shue. The flow of positive energy into the house is free for all. The precise geographic and structural specifications are discussed in the science of Vastu. Vastu is Applied Astrology. The alignment of our home with the universal cosmic energies would bring harmony to our lives. The astrological changes to our birth charts would let us live in a particular house at a particular time and if we were aware about the positive aspects of Vastu we would be empowered to change our destiny Vastu is concerned with the five basic elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) and the 8 directions and their proper order and balance. Its purpose is to ensure auspiciousness and health to people in their dwellings and work places. In laying down rules for construction of buildings, for example, it takes into account the cosmic influence of the sun (its light and heat), the direction of the wind, the magnetic field of the earth and the influence of the planets. This extraordinary science was followed in ancient India and is now gaining worldwide popularity.

Calendar for Weekend Retreats

2006 December 16-17

2007 January 6-7, February 17-18, March 3-4 March 17-18, April 7-8, May 5-6, May 19-20, June 2-3, July 7-8

Advance Registration Fee: $ 195.00 (Closes Wednesday before the program)

Late Registration $ 220.00

For Registration mail the form or fill out the on-line form below.

Phone 972 262 9977 / 214 734 2145

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December 16-17, 2006

January 6-7, 2007

February 17-18, 2007

March 3-4, 2007

March 17-18, 2007

April 7-8, 2007

May 5-6, 2007

May 17-20, 2007

June 2-3, 2007

July 7-8, 2007

Saturday Only ($100)

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