Sri means Lakshmi, the Goddess of all wealths.. Sripuram means the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Good Vastu is the abode of Lakshmi. Lakshmi dwells in Good Vastu homes and showers auspiciousness.


Remedies for Vastu Problems

Physical and Structural remedies for vastu problems are different for each and every house. Hence will be useful to have a vastu consultation done. The solution applied for one house cannot be applied for another house even though it may be in the same location. Every patch of earth is different. Every house has a different energy level. Each house has to be looked at independently while suggesting remedies.

There are some universal tools that work like medicine to reduce the negative vastu effects as listed below




Gem Stones

Products with Specific Powers

Meditation, Yoga and Mudras

Some remedial measures may work like insulin works for a patient with diabetes. Remedies also work in a similar fashion and hence need to be used on a continuous basis in many cases. If permanent Corrections to the structure are made, it would be equivalent to curing the disease and gaining relief without the need of medicines. This is true and is tested.

Book on Remedies for Vastu is scheduled to be released in October 2006

Lakshmi Choudary is the Author of the book “Miraculous Powers of Vaasthu”. Lakshmi Choudary in engaged in Vastu consultation and Vastu Workshops, Meditation and Healing. She can be reached at or 972 262 9977

Kala Sarpa Dosha negative effects and some Potent Remedies

Man had always tried to conquer nature. The conveniences in our modern society bear proof to his conquests. Yet, the Katrina’s and the Tsunami’s challenge us day by day telling us that there is much more to know and conquer. Astrological calculations can detect many of these catastrophes. Vedic Astrology predicts many of these calamities ahead of time and from time immemorial, many remedial measures were suggested and practiced to alleviate human distress.

“Due to the current transit of Rahu and Ketu there is an inauspicious planetary disturbance occurring, which is referred to as Kalasarpa dosha. From now until the end of 2006, the Kalasarpa dosha will adversely impact certain rasis, signs of the zodiac, and nakshatras, or Vedic constellations.

Rahu and Ketu are the Vedic names for the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon respectively. The Sanskrit word kala has several meanings, one of which is “time.” Sarpa can be translated loosely as “serpent.” Kalasarpa dosha is a phenomenon in which the serpentine energy associated with Rahu and Ketu entwines itself around the other planets, thereby constricting and disrupting the planetary rays. Kalasarpa dosha can bring challenges to one’s finances, health and property. In addition, Kalasarpa dosha causes delays and obstructions in our daily life, making it difficult to accomplish anything. No matter how hard one may try, it seems almost impossible to complete one’s work. The holy Rishis, in their boundless compassion for all of humanity, have prescribed several kinds of upaayas, or remedial measures, that can reduce any planetary disturbance, including Kalasarpa dosha. These remedial measures include meditation, chanting, pujas and acts of charity. Certain pujas have the power to protect us from negative planetary influences as if we have an unseen armor around us”

Problems due to Ketu: Instability in life, laziness, losing jobs, reduced incomes, grounding issues. House Problems with plumbing, sewage, and foundation. Not getting recognition at work/politics, every task becomes very difficult to achieve, criminal allegations and jail. Foreclosures on homes and bank repossessions of properties and vehicles. Health –Health issues with skin, feet, legs, eyes, heart, lungs, abdomen, reproductive organs, female cyclical problems, ulcers, memory loss, frequent falls, no stability/center of gravity issues and in some cases diagnosis of wrong diseases.

Problems due to Rahu: Quick wealth loss like thefts, fire accidents, financial loses, unusual expenditure. Repairs to cars, motor accidents, repairs to electrical appliances, court cases, kidnapped children, issues leading to jail, bad dreams. Health - Mental-stress, bad eyesight, diabetes, heart and gastric problems.


Meditation: The Mooladhara Chakra or Root Chakra is affected due to negative rays from Ketu. When the Mooladhara Chakra is affected, we cannot sit in one position and meditate. The Manipura Chakra, which is the third Chakra, will be affected due to the negative rays from Rahu. Extreme stress would disturb our mental equilibrium. Concentration on these two charkas and cleansing these chakras would help.

Chanting: To get relief from Ketu problems, Ganesh, Lakshmi and Bhuvaneshwari mantras would help. To get relief from Rahu problems, Durga and Lakshmi mantras and Adhitya Hrydayam (Sun prayer) would help. Samputitha Sri Suktham is a good Mantra; the CD is available at

Pujas: Certain times of the day that are affected by Rahu is called Rahu Kala. It is different for each day of the week. If special types of pujas are performed during those times, it would bring relief. Since it is difficult to follow the exact tantric puja rites, it is better to get them performed through a temple. Rahu Kala Puja will be performed on one’s behalf by dedicating the fruits of the prayer to that individual or family. This puja may be performed through the Lalitha Parameshwari temple.

Acts of Charity: Feeding the poor personally or through charitable organizations. Charity giving medical help, eye surgeries, etc. Charity should reach the worthy and the needy.

Corrections through Vastu: While the above remedies bring about relief temporarily for a limited time, making corrections to the living space or the house would bring about permanent relief for most problems. It is like taking medicine for relief versus operation for permanent cure. The space we live in- the house or apartment needs to have balanced energy. If the structure is not built according to Vastu standards, problems would become severe whenever the planetary transits /negative disturbances occur. Vastu is Applied Astrology. Vastu is one of the 64 Tantras, which in turn are part of Atharvana Veda. Ancient India was very prosperous and that is why foreigners invaded her constantly taking away all its riches. History tells us that Columbus wanted to find a sea route to India and stumbled upon America. Chinese historians made trips to India and took back reports to their emperors who have practiced some Vastu, which later trickled down to the common and became known as Feng Shue. Vastu is a profound and integrated cosmic and material science, which deals with the health and happiness of human beings. Vastu is widely practiced in India now and that is why India is heading to a bright future. The house is a big Yantra. Yantra means machine and hence works continuously like a machine. Our body is also considered a Yantra. The Personal Yantra in the form of the Human being, living in the Vastu (house) Yantra would be affected if the energy generated in the house is not good. Negative Vastu is responsible for ill health, bad family life and divorces, children going astray with drugs or even all the positive aspects of our life. Defects in the South, West, Southwest, East and Southeast parts of the house would be responsible for the influence of Rahu and Ketu negative rays. It is best to get your Vastu corrected to get permanent relief.

Apart from the above, remedies through gem stones, food, yoga, mudras and many more tantric practices like Yagnas and Abhisheka’s are in vogue to get temporary relief.


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