Sri means Lakshmi, the Goddess of all wealths.. Sripuram means the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Good Vastu is the abode of Lakshmi. Lakshmi dwells in Good Vastu homes and showers auspiciousness.
Vasthu Workshop

Vastu Lectures and Educational Programs

Vastu speeches, talks or workshops are held for larger audiences or small groups of people. The one hour introductory speech is free usually and many have taken opportunity of this talk. The speeches given by Lakshmi Choudary are well appreciated at temples, yoga centers and educational institutions. Please call in advance to schedule a speech appointment.

Workshops are held for people desirous of detailed study of the subject. These are usually one to three day workshops. The cost of the program varies depending on the program. Please check for details.

You may schedule any of the educational programs below:

1. Free 1 hour introductory talk for your group

2. Four Hour workshop on any one of these topics:

  • How to Gain Health and Wealth
  • How to have a Healthy Relationship or repair a relationship
  • How to gain Power and Fame
  • How to get relief from Debts and Legal Issues

3. If you like to schedule a Three-Day workshop on Vastu for a Happy and Healthy life


For dates and registration, and rate details Call 972 262 9977 or email Lakshmi

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