Sri means Lakshmi, the Goddess of all wealths.. Sripuram means the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Good Vastu is the abode of Lakshmi. Lakshmi dwells in Good Vastu homes and showers auspiciousness.
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Puja Comsumable


Borneol Flakes  100gms           $ 10.00

 Used for Archan.  This is also known as edible camphor.  This could be crushed and used for Archana during puja.  A pinch of this is used to flavour all sweet foods prepared for offering God.  The flakes are used for puja and put in the Kalash water for Theerdha.


Ashta Gandha 20 gms             $ 9.00

 Used for Archana and Puja


Sri Gandha (Sandalwood powder) 20 gms  $ 9.00

 Used for Archana or puja


Kumkum Bright Red  100gms   $ 5.00

 Used for Archana or puja


Turmeric Powder                 $ 5.00

Used for Archana or puja


Sindhur Powder 50gms      $ 9.00

 Used for Archana or puja


Cardamon seeds          100gms     9.00

Used for Archana or puja and also flavouring sweets and foods 


Cotton Wicks pack of 12 $ 12.00

Used to light ghee/sesame oil lamps for puja


Lotus wicks pack of 12 $ 18.00

Auspicious to light ghee lamps especially on Fridays


Sandalwood Incense sticks  pack of 6   $ 18.00

 Store Disclaimer : All natural products come with their inherent defects and should be accepted as natural.
Manufactured products may not be available in the exact shape or size and do come similar functional capabilities.


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