Sri means Lakshmi, the Goddess of all wealths.. Sripuram means the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Good Vastu is the abode of Lakshmi. Lakshmi dwells in Good Vastu homes and showers auspiciousness.
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Healing Items 


Mantra Box  $ 36.00

The mantra box comes with more than 20 mantras that repeat continuously. Just plug it in and do your Archana with 108/ 1000 flowers, gems, lotus seeds or pearls. You can just plug in the mantra box and it goes on tirelessly generating positive sound vibrations.



Rasmani.                                                    $ 25.00

Rasmani bead is worn around the neck since it cleanses the blood and removes excess water in the body, promotes appetite, enhances memory.  The face gets a special glow. Nervous weakness clears and increases sensitivity. Boosts immunity. It is especially worn as protection against evil jealous eyes and protection against black magic.


Rudraksha Beads:

These special beads are worn to derive specific benefits.  The number of lines on the bead denotes a face and so the beads are referred to as one face, two face, etc.  A perfect round one face is a rare bead and is hard to get.  Fakes are made with the seed powder and glue or lines are tactfully carved out by the unscrupulous. So one has to get the beads from authentic sources.


1 Face:  Crescent shape $ 69.00

The bead with 1 face (round) is very rare and prized. The round 1 face is hard to get and would cost several thousands of dollars if available.  It represents Lord Siva.  Removes all kinds of obstacles and washes away sins.  It bestows health, wealth, longevity, peace and prosperity.  It strengthens self- confidence.



    2 Face: $ 36.00

This bead represents “Ardhanareeswara” – Siva-Shakti.  It is good for couples.  It is very useful and effective for mentally hardworking people.  It cools and stimulates the working capacity of the brain.  It gives peace and concentration to the mind.  It enhances the “Kundalini”.  It increases a person’s inclination towards spiritual and religious matters. It curtails negative wishes.


3 Face: $ 36.00

This represents the Agni(fire).  It improves knowledge and wealth.  By wearing this rudraksha, one will become very brilliant and shine like Agni.  Brings good luck.


4 Face:  $ 36.00

This represents the creator of the world – Lord Brahma.  It improves memory, speaking ability and sharpens the brain. Removes illusions.

5 Face: $ 27.00

The five face rudrakshas are meant for all round purposes and also for malas.  It saves a person from many types of sins.  It increases a person’s inclination towards spiritual and religious matters.  Provides good luck and achievements of desires. Heart ailments and blood pressures-high and low are cured. (Special practices are required)

6 Face: $27.00

 This Rudraksha represents Lord Karthikeya or Subramanya, the younger son of Lord Siva.  This is especially good for success in studies and business prosperity. Relief from Blood pressure (high and low) and fainting.  

7 Face:  $ 36.00

Represents Kamadeva – the Lord of Desire.  Good for wealth, flawless perception and purity of mind. This seven-face increases life expectancy.


8 Face:  $ 63.00

Represents Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, the elder son of Lord Shiva.  With the use of this Rudraksha, impending obstacles are removed. Wealth is accrued. This is beneficial to heal diseases afflicting the lungs including cough, Asthma, Tuberculosis.

9 Face:   $ 63.00

Represents the Goddess Durra.  The wearer becomes as strong as the Goddess Bairiki. This will benefit those engaged in hard manual labor.  It removes fear and increases happiness and well-being. Leads one to liberation.  Strengthens and cures heart ailments.       

10 Face:   $ 63.00

 Represents the Lord Vishnu, the sustainer.  The wearer would become attractive and beautiful and becomes a charmer like Vishnu. It negates planetary ill effects and grants success in all ventures. Cures respiratory ailments.

11 Face:   $  99.00

Represents Lord Shiva and His Ekadasa or 11 Rudra forms. Those who wear this Rudraksha attain victory in all endeavors. By wearing this Rudraksha, one becomes wealthy and gains great fortunes. This helps improve fertility in women.  Happiness and well-being accrue.  

12 Face:   $ 109.00

Represents Lord Vishnu, This bead cures the wearer of physical and mental diseases.  The poor becomes wealthy and happy if they wear this bead. This shields from dangers due to birds and animals.

13 Face:  $  169.00

Represents Manmadha or the Lord of Love as he showers his grace on the wearer.  It bestows all wishes and makes one rich, prosperous, famous and popular.  Physical beauty is enhanced. Enriches knowledge

14 Face: $  540.00

Said to be born from the eyes of Lord Shiva, this bead is very rare and is next only to One Face Rudraksha in greatness. The wearer is relived of all kinds of diseases from all kinds of sins, hardships and one attains all siddhis or spiritual powers.            The body would acquire radiance and the mind would bloom with special knowledge.

 Store Disclaimer : All natural products come with their inherent defects and should be accepted as natural.
Manufactured products may not be available in the exact shape or size and do come similar functional capabilities.


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